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TMF Media Productions LLC is in exsistence for many reasons. However, we are going to focus on the main 3 points. First, TMF is in exsistence to create High Quality video productions for its customers and clients. Secondly, Tyrone dreamed of opening up his first company at an early age of 12 in 2012, which he believes to be a miracle of God. Finally, TMF Media Productions LLC came into exsistence because there were no major video production companies in the metro Indianapolis area.

Why is TMF Media Productions LLC in exsistence?

TMF Media Productions LLC's mission is to design innovative, quality, and creative presentations and videos that change the world. We believe that the client will be satisfied up to their standards and surpass ours. If the client is not happy, then we will change, edit, and modify to get up to surpass, not only ours, but their standard. Our employees will be in a safe working environment, trained properly with equipment, treated fairly, and comissioned for their great work. We will always follow our standards, but surpass them to be great and excell in our industry.

What is TMF's Mission?

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